Top 10 Photography Mistakes

It’s not enough to just go out and take pictures. There are some basic rules you need to know before taking your camera off the tripod so that you can avoid common mistakes and get better results.

Here are the top 10 photography mistakes with a few pointers on how to avoid them:

  1. Not using natural light
  2. Too much editing
  3. Relying too heavily on filters
  4. Shooting in the wrong file format
  5. Poor composition
  6. Wrong camera settings  
  7. Poor timing and framing decisions
  8. Poorly planned shots with no story or purpose behind them
  9. Not understanding your camera’s limitations and capabilities as well as its strengths, which will lead to frustration when you have difficulty achieving what you want from it (such as a shallow depth of field) 
  10. Focusing only on yourself instead of including others in the shot for more interest and better compositions

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